A Completely Different Story

A Completely Different Story

A number of Swedish tourists spend a couple of weeks together in the summer, in Finistère in Brittany, in the early years of the 21st century, two couples and two singles, or six new found friends in all. They swim, eat, go out on trips and flirt a little across the marital boundaries. What remains are a few scattered photos, perhaps a group portrait, a water colour and an anonymous diary describing their escapades.

Five years later someone starts killing them, one after another, but only after Inspector Gunnar Barbarotti in Kymlinge has first been warned of the murders by letter. It becomes a mystery which attracts a lot of attention but remains unexplained and the evening papers keep up the pressure on the police in charge.

In the second book about Gunnar Barbarotti we once again meet the hardened sceptic and interested supplicant we met in the novel The man without a dog. His professional career looks increasingly dodgy to him whilst elsewhere his existence suddenly seems to be full of new possibilities.

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A Completely Different Story