The Story of Mr Roos

The Story of Mr Roos

Ante Valdemar Roos, a 59 year-old economist with pyromaniac tendencies, Anna Gambowska, a 20 year-old girl on the skids, Inspector Gunnar Barbarotti in plaster, Inspector Eva Backman not in plaster. These are some of the characters in Nesser’s third novel about Gunnar Barbarotti and his colleagues in the police force in Kymlinge, somewhere in the west of Sweden.

The action takes place on a traditional red-painted smallholding in the middle of the forest, and in a long chain of hotels, motels and petrol stations on the road between Kymlinge and Maardam - all accompanied by the fateful tones of That’s Life, The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, As Tears Go By, Valdemar, the Penguin, and Should I Stay or Should I Go: Ante Valdemar Roos Song-lines.

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The Story of Mr Roos